A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

A short and simple decision driven text adventure where the player is set in a weird place and with little to no options on his own situation, later to unfold into something bigger then anything he "didn't knew".

The game has 10 different endings, some of them game overs. Some secrets and Easter eggs. Some life lessons. 

There is a representation of the parrot , well hidden, created by someone name Morfina from the website - https://www.asciiart.eu/ 

One of my first game projects that i started developing/programming in C as i learned to program and later finished and turned over to C# that is now my main language.

Install instructions

It's a standalone exe file that opens the game in compute console, might say something about not being secure but it is really just a console window game.


Weird Quest.rar 14 kB

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