A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

A ball named "Nelo" is rolling in a forest and needs to find its friends ghosts to leave.

The player has to find his friend ghosts and guide them to the exit, all while the screen flashes black every couple of seconds. 

Made for a Gamejam, the game encloses a theme of Patience with a simple yet annoying mechanic. The screen blacks out for a few seconds, every few seconds, with random windows of visibility, while the game is always playing.

Made in 2 days with a group of 4 people, missing only polishing and some animation effects with only 2 levels. I made the unity implementation and the music.

Install instructions

WARNING : Possible epilepsy from the black screen flashing.

Unzip the file and keep the 2 files and folder together when using the Application file.


Duality.rar 10 MB

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